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Soon more about Me me me , oh me, but here is a little introduction .

Hello ,
I am a french freelancer , working in the animation field since I graduated Gobelins in 2003 .
During these , well, almost twenty years , I occupied various positions such as , 2D animator, after effects animator, storyboarder, character designer, director, for animation AND recently , live action .

Nowadays, I try to focus more on personal works , experiments, and graphic design, because in my pre Gobelin’s life, I used to design logos and Record sleeves for a living.
Recently, I tried and enjoyed Live action Storyboards.

This is the name dropping paragraph , So here we go :
I have worked with these marvelous studios,agencies,clients, and friends :
Passion Pictures, Chez Eddy, Havas, Mikros /PGLL , Jungler , Bobbypills ,La Brigade du Titre, Undercover Works , Mtv,Mvmnt Paris just to name a few .

I speak French, English and Castellano. I drive, but prefer my bike .

Thanks for taking the time to read this.